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Pre-stage three communique (from 11 Aug 18)

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Inspired by the popularity of seminal events like the BC Bike Race and Trans Cascadia, the VT3 is a celebration of the singletrack presented by riders, for riders. Beginning on Friday, August 10 and concluding on Sunday, August 12, the VT3 will showcase three trail centers across northeastern Vermont.

The weekend begins Friday evening with a time trial at the Hardwick Trails in Hardwick, Vermont. Best known for its farms and food producers, Hardwick has a small but technical network of singletrack that is the result of a few dedicated, passionate volunteers. Saturday takes racers to the slopes of Umpire Mountain and the Victory Hill Sector in Victory, Vermont. Victory Hill is the brainchild of bike racer John McGill, who, with the help of Vermont legend Knight Ide, developed a world class enduro network over the mountain from the famed Kingdom Trails. Racing concludes Sunday on the trails of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, a Nordic ski and rowing center that has quietly developed a robust set of fun, flowy trails. 

After the opening time trial, the second and third VT3 stages will be in the realm of 15-20 miles, prioritizing fun downhills and the technical singletrack for which Vermont is known. New for 2018: we are offering a "short course" option, consisting of the opening time trial and 1 lap of the day 2 and day 3 courses. This is a great way to race the VT3 without totally shelling yourself. Total mileage for the "short course" race will be in the realm of 20-25 miles.

Cost for the event is $150 for the first 25 registered racers, $175 after that, with a cap of 150 participants. The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is offering a lodging package that includes meals from dinner Friday through Sunday lunch, along with race entry starting at $350.

Rules: We are trying to keep things light on rules. But we do have two. First, no switching bikes. Second, don't cut the course. We will endeavor to have tape up, but just be a good person and ride the line as it is intended. Cutting courses is pretty weak racing.