The VT3

Fun and Games


While the main focus of the VT3 will be the racing experience on awesome new singletrack, we also want to provide some fun après-race activities. 

On Saturday after the "Queen stage" at Victory Hill, we'll be doing a Longest Wheelie Challenge. The man and woman who ride the longest wheelies on the service road at Victory Hill will each win a $50 gift certificate to the Jay Cloud in Montgomery Center, Vermont. 

After Sunday's final stage at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, we'll be hosting a BBQ and awards ceremony. We will also run a pump track elimination challenge bracket. 8 men and 8 women will be pitted against each other in paired pump track races. Starting on opposite sides of the Outdoor Center pumptrack, racers will be given 30 seconds of pedaling to get up to speed, then they will race for an additional 90 seconds of pure pumping, trying to catch the other racer. A catch is an automatic win, otherwise the racer who closes the most ground after 2 minutes moves on. The ultimate winners receive $100 cash. The catch is that racers must compete on the bike that they have been riding in the VT3.